9. 9. 2014

I am more alive than I´ve ever been.

After a long long time I am back! I have so much news for you that I don´t even know where to start.... well... from the most important one maybe... :)

Exactly one month ago was my wedding day. That means I am a wife for a whole month. It is still pretty new even if nothing actually change but my name. I still feel more like teenage girl and not like a grown up women, who plans to have kids in few years. 

I decided that I would like to share some photos from the wedding.
It was beautiful day. The weather was awesome and I am more than happy that most of my friends and family members can be there with us and have a lot of fun. :)

Freshly made hairstyle with flowers.  
This is it! 
Our simple rings
Funny pose :D 
First dance :)

I was planing that day little more than a half of year and it was gone so fast. If I ever meet Doctor I definitely want to go back to that day and be guest on my own wedding, so I can enjoy it once more time. :)

And how was your summer?

30. 5. 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolitas Around The World Who Inspire You?

Finally there is a new LBC theme, that I allways wanted to do.
I like to collect great lolita coords on my tumblr, to stay inspired, but there are some girls, that can amaze me with every single outfit. They are/or were more active on internet comms, so I have the chance to follow them for some  time and adore them like a good stalker. :D I have a lot of favourite lolitas, and it was pretty hard to choose only few of them. All of the girls you will see in this article are masters in coordinating. Most of their´s outfits are "matchy matchy", and that is pretty much my cup of tea. Also most of them are classic lolitas or can do a great one, while they can wear sweet, punk or gothic the other day. 

I discovered her in my best lolita period 2011-2012. She was great at coordinating and she had very similar taste. Lots of flowers in hair and mostly classic wardrobe. Also she had almost every dress I ever wanted... :D And hey look at that rebelion with her short hair. It´s great!
I really adore her. There is still her blog on tumblr with many great photos of her coords.

Fanny Rosie
She is the most elegant and ladylike lolita I know. I don´t know if it´s because of the absence of wigs or that she propably follow the rule "less is sometimes more", that is not very popular in lately lolita trends. Longer skirt and vintage(-like) blouses also works great to highlight the elegance. She is my biggest inspiration right know, when full lolita is not what I want to wear for daily basics, but I still want to have some historical feeling in my style.

She was my biggest inspiration in 2010-11. She taught me the trick with matching underskirts and how brilliant it looks. She did not wear lolita fashion anymore, more like otome/dolly kei if I had to choose some style. But her style is still great with lot of lolita inspiration.

Ophelia Violetta
This girl is my dear friend. And she is a chameleon. She can look great in a waste bag, I am not kidding! It´s fun to try predict in what substyle of lolita she´ll arrive to a meetup, noone ever know for sure. :D She is a great example, that you can wear whatever you want if you know how.

What about you? Do you have a favourite lolita?

Other blog participating:

28. 5. 2014

Animefest 2014

Hello my readers!
I am back with new article. Yay!
I am sorry but I am very busy planing my most special day in my life and I just don´t have time for my blog because of it, also I wear lolita very rarely, only for special occasions and so I have not enough photos to blog about. *sad panda*

I visited Animefest few weeks ago and I want to share some photos from this convention dedicated to anime and Japan.
This year I was not a common visitor like before. I was doing shop girl for my cousine's small brand Classy Lady.

Friday was a tough day. All the traveling across the country was really exhausting. Also we had lot of luggages to handle and it was ride of death, as I nearly killed myself twice at escalators. But we arrived to Brno alive in the end. 
This is what I wore that day.

 At saturday we spent all day inside, most of the time just chating with other girls at booths.  But it was nice. We sold some skirts and dresses. Eat some japanesse kari and in the evening drank some good beers.

This is our stall.  

My part of it with floral headbands, crowns and round headdresses with veils, that I made. Me, who tought that can´t made a thing. (Yes I am proud of myself, because I am that kind of person, who when working with glue is covered in it but those things that I was trying to stick together are still falling apart...)
Everything that wasn´t sold can be found here.

Stall of czech lolita brand Porcelain doll and other brands.
(PD report from Animefest can be found here)

Victorian Catherine´s booth, with victorian accesories and clothes.

Maddame Muffin´s booth, she was working here on some super frilly bloomers.

My outfit for saturday. Merry Widow. :D

I triend horn headband from Rabbit Heart. It´s pretty awesome, but too huge and extravagant, so I left it there for someone else.
Some girls with antlers. I don´t know it they were wearing mori/dolly or what, but they were cute.

I met Elsa! Yay!

My loot from Animefest. Totoro plush, Porcelain Doll skirt, accesories from Carmila.

I am working on some LBC article right now, so blog will not be dead for another month. :D
See you next time. 

3. 4. 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: 5 movies for lolitas

Hello my dears!
Today I would like to recommend you some great movies for lolitas. I think especially classic lolita would love those because I choose movies that are similar to classic lolita nature.
Let´s see what I´ve got for you...

Pride and Prejude
Do I have to tell you the plot of this movie? I don´t think so. :) I love everything about this 2006 version of Pride and Prejude. Beautiful costumes, awesome interiors and exteriors, lovely Keira Knightley, who I really adore and also rest of the cast just match perfetly to their characters. Best Mr. Darcy ever. Btw did I mention that I love this movie? The music is also touching... I love it!

The Secret Garden
Story is about quite bitter young girl Mary, who was born and raised in India, but is forced to live in Britain with her uncle, because of her parents death. Then she finds a neglected garden and everything change. Sometimes I would like to slap Mary really hard because of her bratty behaviour but she will change a little through time. Also I think that the music is way too dramatic. But still this movie is worth seeing. And there is really amazing garden.

A Little princess
Another story, where the main character very charming little girl Sarah is raised in India but something happend and she is moved, this time, to the Seminary for girls in New York. It's beautiful heartwarming story with pretty costumes, amusing harp music and gorgeous interiors.

Marie Antoinette
The story is simply about Marie Antoinette´s life in Versailles and that means lot of luxury items, great parties, rococco interiors and such. This movie is just full of shoe, costume and pastry-porn. The whole movie is like one big continualy changing painting, that I like to watch while cross-stitching and sipping tea with milk. I really think that every lolita should see this movie.

My Fair Lady
Once again, this story is so well known I don´t think I need to talk about it. This musical is full of great music and songs, gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, awesome costumes and funny moments. If you didn´t see it yet, you definitely should!

So, what do you think about my choices? Do you like them? 
What do you think, that are great movies for lolitas?
Let me know I always like to watch something new. :)

20. 3. 2014

Last lolita outfits

Hi my readers!
How are you? There is so beautiful and warm spring weather! It makes me so happy!
I am really sorry but I just have no time to write a proper article here, because I am very busy in my personal life. :) I kind of miss it so here I am with a short and fast article about my latest lolita related outfits I have photo of. :)

Finally I got photos of my outfit from Christmas meeting so I will begin here and go forward...
This is my first time wearing new Innocent World JSK, that I was lucky enough to find on egl comm sales. I wanted long version of IW dress for a pretty long time.

Next outfit si from short January monthly meeting. I wanted to try put together an aristocrat outfit. There should be a corset, but I put it away in the last minute, because I have to travel in it...

Another lolita outfit, from first February. I wished so much to be a spring already, so I put all my wishes to this floral and light coloured outfit.

Last outfit is from monthly meeting in February, I got this great wig from Lockshop and I wanted to try it out. Even now after I got quite lot of complimets from my friends I am not sure if the colour suits me... And I know the skirt is too shor... but I didn´t know it before I saw all the photos... need to wear underskirt next time...

Some other random facts and "whythehellistheblogsodead"
1. I started to play Mass Effect series, sadly I can play it only on my boyfriends laptop, so it will take ages for me to finish it. Btw I really love the story and everything! Right now I want that Tali dress from Black Milk so hard!!

2. I bought World of Warcraft starter edition and for the first time I tried to play on an official server. Awesome! However my grandpa Macbook is too old for this game, so I have to play on low everything and it´s not very cool. So right now is my old Macbook on sale and I am lookinga for a new (not Apple >_>) laptop.

3. I am making flower headdresses! I enjoy it very much! They will be for sale on May at AnimeFest, the biggest anime and Japan related convention in my country. Looking forward to see you at the Classy Lady booth. :)
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